Support Ready for Hillary


Ready for Hillary is a grass-root PAC that was formed by Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters in January 2013 with the simple goal of convincing her to run for president in 2016. The group is not affiliated with Clinton or her staff, but they have raised a lot of money and awareness. The fact that a non-affiliated organization can raise money and receive high profile endorsements on the mere possibility that Clinton will run in 2016 sends a clear message: Hillary Clinton should run for president in 2016.

We encourage everyone who supports Clinton to join Ready for Hillary and contribute. The money this group raises and the high profile supporters it receives might encourage Clinton as she makes her decision.

How can you get involved? Join Ready for Hillary on Facebook and Twitter. You may also Contribute to the group, sign up to receive a FREE bumper sticker, and shop in the Ready for Hillary Store. We highly encourage you to visit the Ready for Hillary website, sign up for email alerts, and pledge to support Hillary in 2016. Grass-roots support is key in any campaign, and it is never too early to show your support!

Image Courtesy: The National Memo