CGI U – Closing Conversation

Saturday, March 22, 2014 (1:19:47)

Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Jimmy  Kimmel

For the final event of Clinton Global Initiative University, Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton all took to the stage and answered questions from the students in the crowd and moderator Jimmy Kimmel. The Clintons answered a wide variety of questions, but the inevitable was asked of Hillary Clinton. A student asked, “If you don’t represent women in politics in America as future president, who will?” Clinton said that she has not yet made a decision about 2016, but she did say that she was concerned about the current direction of the county, and that deciding to run is something she is not taking lightly.

We are unable to embed the LiveStream video, but you may watch the full event by CLICKING HERE. The event opens with the closing ceremonies (led by Chelsea Clinton), but then the Clinton family takes the stage at the 15 minute mark.

Video Source: LiveStream

News and Image Source: The Washington Post