Hillary Clinton maybe famous for a lot of reasons as she is the first US lady to run for president and also happens to be former president Bill Clinton’s wife. However, there are a few things about her that most people don’t know. Here are those few things.

1) In early 2015, it was revealed that Hillary Clinton used private email server to send emails while she was secretary of state and sent a few emails which was thought as classified. She was supposed to use the official state department server which substantially is a safer way to move classified information. Before long, FBI launched an investigation and discovered, 113 emails contained information which was classified at the time, 65 emails contained mysterious information and 22 were top secret. And then it just worsened, when she erased in excess of 30,000 emails in an attempt to cover up the use of unauthorized server.

2) Many religious individuals claim to have talked with angels and many spiritual figures, however Hillary made one stride additionally claiming to have interacted with apparitions. She claimed that she has taken some advice from former first lady “Elenore Roosevelt”. Be that as it may, Elenore Roosevelt wasn’t the main dead individual she talked with, the other one was “Gandhi “


3) Everyone knows she’s the first woman in American history to have been nominated for presidential election by a major party and had a chance to be first female president of United States, yet other than that she has many other firsts. She’s the “first lady” ever to earn a post graduate degree, finger printed by FBI, became senator of New York, running for Presidential election and many more.

4) Hillary Clinton was the candidate of Democratic party and even had a decent chance to end up President of United States, yet she was once Republican before switching party in 1968. She even campaigned for Republican candidate Barry Goldwater in the U.S presidential election of 1964.

5) She was a U.S. senator for New York after winning the election against Republican Rick Lazio in 2001, she filled in as Senator until the point that 2009 when she was sworn in as U.S. secretary of state under the Obama administration. In 2015, she launched her campaign to run for president of the United States and lost the electoral vote against Republican rival Donald Trump, who was inaugurated as president in January 2017.

6) Back in 1973, when Hillary Clinton was just 26 years old, she attempted to join Marines, yet instantly got rejected. From her side of story, her age (according to her she was excessively old), poor eye sight and the fact that she was a woman added to the dismissal.

7) Hillary Clinton is a Grammy award winner. In 1996, Hillary composed a New York Time’s bestselling book “It takes a village: and other lessons children teach us”. That book earned her Grammy award for best spoken word album in 1997, for book’s audio recording. Apparently, Bill Clinton inspired by her and went ahead to earn two Grammy’s in the same category.

8) Many rich individuals out there don’t drive cars all alone. Be that as it may, the vast majority of them, perhaps do drive from time to time to keep their driving skills new. However, Hillary Clinton then again, hasn’t driven any vehicle since 1996 according to infinit accounting (visit infinit accounting outsourcing homepage).

9) Undoubtedly, their marriage has been around countless controversies in the past. Yet, the interesting part is, she almost didn’t marry former U.S president Bill Clinton. She rejected 3 proposals of Bill Clinton, until the point when he purchased a house that she once said she really liked, and then he proposed her again and then she said yes. Apparently, that marriage changed her life on many levels, to such an extent that she ran to be President of United States.

10) She hires her Armed Security Guards all by herself.