Data 2X Announcement

Monday, December 15, 2014

GTY 460497958 A CEL POL TIO USA NYHillary Rodham Clinton, along with the Bloomberg Foundation, spoke on behalf of Data 2X, a effort run by the United Nations Foundation. The group’s goal is to fill in the gaps related to available data about women’s issues in the developing world. Data 2X was launched by Clinton when she was Secretary of State, but today’s announcement was adding the partnership of the Clinton Foundation and Bloomberg Foundation. At the event, Clinton said that data is important because it clearly demonstrates failures and progress. She also spoke about how she has been treated at times when discussing women’s issues with US and foreign officials. She said, “You could just see the wheels turning: ‘Oh right, I knew she was going to raise women and girls. I will just smile, it will pass, and then we will talk about really important things.’”

A video from this event will be posted when/if available.

News and Image Source: USA Today