RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

150115065722-hillary-clinton-crowd-tease-super-169Hillary Rodahm Clinton returned the speaking circuit following a one-month break. Speaking at an event at the RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Clinton re-emerged as an announcement about her possible 2016 run is expected soon. She spoke on a wide variety of topics including the relationship between the United States and Canada, but she skirted questions about the contentious Keystone pipeline.

Clinton also spoke about the terrorist attack in Paris, and cautioned against blaming the entire Islamic religion for something that extremists carried out. She also spoke for the first time about President Barack Obama’s recent executive action to reform the immigration system of the United States saying, “Canada and the United States, unlike most places in the world, are nations built by immigrants and energized by our diversity. It hasn’t always been smooth or easy, but at our best, we kept expanding our idea of family and community … to keep making more room at the table.”

You may watch a video from the event by Clicking Here. (Thanks to Sara for the tip.)

For 2015, Clinton’s speaking schedule is light (see our 2015 Timeline) and there have been a number of reports indicating the she has built a team for her 2016 presidential run. Nevertheless, an announcement is not expected until sometime in the early spring.

News and Image Source: CNN