Clinton Returns to Iowa – Day 2

Hillary Rodham Clinton concluded her second trip to Iowa today in Cedar Falls. Clinton’s primary focus today was small businesses, and she took part in a discussion with small business owners and local residents. As with her first trip to Iowa a few weeks ago, Clinton listened as small business owners talked about their struggles. She made it clear that she was in favor of making small business ownership easier saying, “I want to be the small-business president.” She outlined four areas she intends to turn her focus in assisting small business owners: reducing bureaucratic processes, simplifying the tax code, new tax credits, and access to financing.

After the roundtable discussion, Clinton took questions from reporters. She has been criticized for not talking to the press lately. Media outlets reported that it had been 28 days since Clinton last took a question from a reporter. Following the event, she answered questions from the media, which can be seen in the video below.

After leaving Cedar Rapids, Clinton made an unannounced stop in Independence, Iowa where she visited a number of small businesses.

Clinton is scheduled to appear in Chicago tomorrow. Keep up to date with all the latest campaign stops by following Clinton on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t forget to donate to the campaign.

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Video Source: YouTube