Clinton Talks Child Care in Chicago

Hillary Rodham Clinton made a stop in Chicago today where she spoke with parents and childcare providers at an early childhood education center. In her opening address, Clinton stated the importance of early childhood eduction and the rising cost of child care. She criticized government policies and the Republican budget, which takes funding away from child care services. In the early stages of her campaign, she has focused heavily on family values, and that did not change today. Clinton said, “America cannot turn its back on our children and our working parents.” Following her opening statement, Clinton took part in a roundtable event with the parents and childcare providers, which was closed to the media.

Tonight, Clinton is expected to appear at two campaign fundraisers.

Clinton heads back to New Hampshire tomorrow and Friday. Follow all the updates from New Hampshire on Clinton’s Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as the Hillary for New Hampshire Twitter account. And don’t forget to donate to the campaign.

News Source: Chicago Sun Times