Clinton Returns to New Hampshire

Hillary Rodham Clinton returned to New Hampshire on Friday. In her second trip to the state since announcing her presidential campaign, she, again, focused on visiting with small business owners. Stopping in Exeter and Derry she visited with small business owners and toured a brewery, book store, and ice cream shop. Clinton held a roundtable with small business owners at the Smuttynose Brewery. She concluded her trip by holding a private visit with supporters in Amherst.

Clinton’s visit to New Hampshire was overshadowed by the State Department’s release of 900 pages of Clinton’s emails related to the attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. She took a few questions from reporters and was asked about the emails’ release. Clinton responded by saying, ““First of all, I’m glad that the emails are starting to come out. This is something that I’ve asked to be done for a long time, and those releases are beginning. I want people to be able to see all of them, and it is a fact that we have released all of them that have any government relationship whatsoever. In fact, the State Department had the vast majority of those, anyway, because they were sent to ‘dot-gov’ accounts.” You can see the emails that were released by clicking here.

Next week, Clinton heads to South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Keep up to date with all the latest campaign stops by following Clinton on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t forget to donate to the campaign.

News Source: WMUR