Clinton Addresses Voting Rights in Texas

Yesterday and today, Hillary Rodham Clinton attended a number of private fundraisers in Texas. However, she capped off her Texas trip with a speech at Texas Southern University in Houston, where she received an award for leadership. The primary focus of her speech was voting rights. She blasted Republicans in states across the country for limiting access to voting with the excuse of limiting voter fraud. Clinton also criticized the Supreme Court’s decision which gutted parts of the Voting Rights Act.

Clinton outlined her plan for voting rights in America saying, “I believe every citizen has the right to vote, and I believe we should make it easier for every citizen to vote.” She outlined her plan in four central points (seen in the Tweet above):

1. Automatic voter registration upon turning 18

2. Restoring the provisions of the Voting Rights Act

3. Expanding early and absentee voting

4. Setting a nationwide standard of in-person voting for 20+ days

Restoring voting rights is certainly going to be one of the cornerstones of her campaign’s platform moving forward. Clinton is expected to begin outlining her platform at a kickoff rally next week (June 13) on Roosevelt Island.

The full video from today’s event is available on C-SPAN and can be accessed by CLICKING HERE. Clinton begins speaking at the 18:00 mark. Hillary for America also released a fact sheet about voting rights as well as a full transcript from today’s speech.

Tomorrow, Clinton is scheduled to take part in a private fundraiser in Connecticut. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow Clinton on Twitter and Facebook.

News Source: NPR

Video Source: C-SPAN