Clinton Makes Third Trip to Iowa

07firstdraft-clinton2-tmagArticleSince announcing her presidential campaign in April, Hillary Rodham Clinton has made two stops in Iowa. Today, she was in Iowa again, visiting Iowa City where she addressed a large crowd of supporters. In her speech, Clinton hit on a number of topics including women’s access to health care, the environment, gun control, and the recent Supreme Court decisions upholding the Affordable Care Act and legalizing same-sex marriage. As Iowa City is the home of Iowa State University, Clinton also spoke about the rising cost of college tuition and called for making college more affordable. After her speech, she took questions from reporters on topics ranging from the Greek debt crisis and her fellow Democratic competitor, Bernie Sanders.

Following her stop in Iowa City, Clinton headed for Ottumwa where she met with supporters at a grassroots organizing event. She then took questions from the crowd. Hillary for America has been very active in Iowa since April, and the campaign has started organizing larger events for Clinton as she continues to travel across the country.

While in Iowa, Clinton also sat down with CNN’s Brianna Keilar. The interview will be posted once it is available.

New Source: The New York Times, Politico