Clinton Address National Council of La Raza Conference

Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed the National Council of La Raza Conference in Kansas City, Missouri this afternoon. During her speech, she built upon her economic speech from earlier in the day and referenced the economic inequality in the Latino community. She promised to fight for better economic opportunities and comprehensive immigration reform.

Clinton was not the only Democratic presidential candidate to speak at the conference. Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley were also featured speakers. All three candidates spoke about the similar topics, and all three attacked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his comments disparaging Latino  immigrants. Trump’s presidential opponents were slow to speak out against his comments, a fact which Clinton called out asking, “Why did it take weeks for most of you to speak out?”

Tomorrow, Clinton is expected to be in Washington, DC where she will meet with Democrats on Capitol Hill. For all the latest campaign news, be sure to follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Video Source: YouTube

News Source: The Kansas City Star