Clinton Joins Democratic Candidates in Iowa

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Hillary Rodham Clinton returned to Cedar Rapids, Iowa where she gave a speech a Democratic party hall of fame dinner. The other Democratic party candidates for president  also spoke at the event including Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee. In her speech, Clinton avoided attacking her primary opponents despite sharing the stage with them. Instead, she went after Republican candidates Jeb Bush and Scott Walker for threatening to roll back a number of progressive policies enacted during the administration of President Barack Obama. Clinton said that the Democrats “are in the future business … but [the Republicans] are the party of the past.” A video of Clinton’s speech is below.

Tonight, Clinton returns to Arkansas as the keynote speaker for the Arkansas Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in Little Rock. Until then, follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all the latest updates.

News Source:, The Guardian