Clinton Attends Fundraisers in Detroit and Chicago

635730905307178192-2015-0721-dm-hilary00666On Tuesday, Hillary Rodham Clinton stopped in Detroit at a local sweet potato shop. Clinton visited Sweet Potato Sensations for a slice of sweet potato pie and ice cream. She visited with the owners of the bakery and its patrons. Clinton told the patrons and reporters, ” I’ve said in this campaign that I want to be the small business president. And I’m making a real point of sort of identifying and visiting small businesses that are successful, sometimes against the odds, but really provide either a service or product that people in their communities are buying up and giving a good base for further growth.”

After leaving Detroit, Clinton headed to a private fundraiser in Grosse Pointe, Michigan at the home of Democratic Party strategist Jill Alper and her husband, David Katz. Clinton also attended a private fundraiser this evening in Chicago, Illinois. The fundraiser was hosted by securities trader Rajiv Fernando.

Tomorrow, Clinton is expected to visit Pennsylvania. Until then, follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all the latest updates.

New Source: Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, Chicago Tribune