Clinton Answers Questions from “The Skimm”

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 5.51.20 PMHillary Rodham Clinton answered a number of questions for the website The Skimm. She was asked to answer questions about her background, greatest strength, greatest weakness, and positions on a number of topics. For her strengths, Clinton said, “My greatest strength is my passionate commitment to helping people — and I feel so strongly that I had a lot of opportunities and that there are people, particularly women, who are just as talented and hardworking, but who haven’t had the same chances that I had. And one of the reasons why in all of my economic policies that I am talking about in this campaign I really put women at the center — and it’s not just because I am one — it’s because when women succeed, families do better, America does better… I think that a lot of my commitment and my strength is because I don’t quit, I stay focused, and I work hard to try to contribute to making life better for all of us.”

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Source: The Skimm