Clinton Speaks with Refinery29

Last week, Hillary Rodham Clinton gave an exclusive interview to the site Refinery29, an independent style and fashion website geared toward women. The topic discussed was sexual assault, especially assaults that take place on college campuses. Clinton addressed that topic last week during a speech at University of Northern Iowa. The key to Clinton’s plan is education and prevention. She said, “This starts at an early age, with the culture playing a role in this, the messages that are sent to young men, the kind of visual images seen all too often, the lyrics of music. We know there’s a kind of pressure or expectation about behaviors that are hurtful. And so, we need to do more, starting in high school, I would argue, to begin to try to change those signals; to begin to try to change the culture.” A video from the interview is above and you can read a transcript HERE.

This weekend, Clinton is scheduled to attend a private fundraiser in California. As always, for all the latest, follow our Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: Refinery29