Clinton Launches African Americans for Hillary

3984Yesterday, Hillary Rodham Clinton launched African Americans for Hillary at a rally in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, Clinton spoke at Clark Atlanta University where she was introduced by Rev. Jesse Jackson. Clinton spoke briefly at the event, but she hinted at her plans for criminal justice reform, something that she is going to be rolling out in the coming days. Clinton voiced her support for legislation that would ban racial profiling and would push to eliminate the distinction between crack and power cocaine in drug sentencing. She also voiced her support for “banning the box” on job applications indicating that someone has been convicted of a crime. She believes that criminal history is something that should be discussed further in the application and background check process. Clinton said, “We have to take on the continuing abuses where oppression is more prevalent than opportunity. We have to create those channels of opportunity so that we go from childhood to adulthood pursuing your dreams, instead of cradle to prison and seeing them die.” A video from the event at Clark Atlanta University is below.

Clinton then traveled to Charleston, South Carolina where she was the keynote speaker at the NAACP’s 98th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet. Clinton began her speech by thanking Mayor Joe Riley for his service as Charleston’s Mayor and his leadership following the shooting at Mother Emanuel Church. Clinton vowed to work with the NAACP to prevent racial profiling in South Carolina and across the United States. She pledged to work with Democrats and Republicans to pass meaningful criminal justice reform. She said, “Charleston has been through a lot. This state has been through a lot…The murder of the nine innocents at bible study; it renewed the call to do something about the senseless gun violence that stalks this county… Every American should be safe at school, or at the movies, or at church.” A video of Clinton’s full speech is below.

Today, Clinton is scheduled to will remain in South Carolina. For all the latest, follow our Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, News 2