Clinton Hosts Town Halls in Iowa, Hillary Rodham Clinton attended two town hall events in Iowa. The first was held in Coralville, where Clinton hosted an outdoor event on an unseasonably warm day. Clinton opened the event with remarks about several of her policy points including gun control. Clinton then answered a number of questions from those in attendance. She was asked about a variety of topics including the backlog at the Department of Veteran Affairs, tensions with China, and immigration. Clinton then went to Grinnell College in Grinnell. Clinton held a very similar event where, again, she proposed tougher gun regulations and taking the National Rifle Association. She said, “A majority of Americans and a majority of gun owners know we have to make the changes. What stands in the way? One of the most powerful lobbies in our country. The NRA, that intimidates and bullies legislators and governors into doing what they want. That must end.”

Videos from yesterday’s events will be posted when/if available.

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News Source: The New York Times, The Guardian