Clinton at the First in the South Democratic Presidential Forum


On Friday evening, Hillary Rodham Clinton took part in the First in the South Democratic Presidential Forum in South Carolina. The event was moderated by Rachel Maddow and the other Democratic contenders, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, took part as well. During the conversation between Maddow and Clinton, they discussed a number of topics including the death penalty, foreign policy, her Republican opponents, Wall Street, and she was even asked which Republican candidate she would choose as her Vice President if she had to pick one. Clinton’s primary topic, however, was criminal justice reform and gun violence. Clinton said that gun violence is an issue, but it is more problematic when those in authority, such as the police, are using more force. Clinton is expected to roll out her full plan for criminal justice reform soon. A full video from last night’s event is below.

Today, Clinton will stay in South Carolina for a private fundraiser. For all the latest, follow our Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: MSNBC, Time