Clinton Proposes Caregiver Tax Credit

Hillary Clinton just wrapped up a town hall event in Clinton, Iowa where she announced a plan to assist families providing care for their loved ones. She too the time to answer several questions from attendees at the local middle school on a variety of topics including health care, the VA, and renewable energy. But the focus of Clinton’s introductory speech was announcing her plan to provide relief for the millions of Americans who are the primary caregivers for parents and grandparents. The plan adds new tax credits and expands existing programs in an effort to lesson the burden on those trying to ensure their loved ones stay safe and healthy. Clinton’s campaign outlined the plan on The Briefing, and the primary points of the proposal include:

  • Providing a tax credit, up to $5,000, to family members caring for ailing parents and grandparents
  • Launching a Care Workers initiative to assist care workers in learning the skills they need
  • Expanding Social Security by counting the work of caregivers toward their personal Social Security benefits
  • Building on the Caregiver Respite program

Tomorrow, Clinton will travel to Nevada. For all the latest, follow our Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: The Briefing, CBS News,