Clinton Begins Outlining Infrastructure Plans


UPDATE (11/30): A full outline of Clinton’s infrastructure plan is now available on The Briefing.

At a rally held today in Boston’s Faneuil Hall, Hillary Clinton returned to campaign trail by beginning to outline her plan to improve the country’s infrastructure. Her proposal calls for a $275 million boost in in federal spending over a period of five years. She is also calling for the creation of a national infrastructure bank. Clinton also called for $225 billion in direct loans and other forms of credit. The funding would come from a mixture of public and private money, including the expansion of the Build American Bonds program. She said, “Investing in infrastructure makes our economy more productive and competitive across the board. To build a strong economy for our future, we must start by building strong infrastructure today.”

Clinton was joined at the event by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who endorsed her campaign. Clinton and Walsh were joined by members of a number of labor unions who have pledged to support campaign. In addition to outlining her infrastructure plan, she outlined the other aspects of her platform. Over the next several weeks, Clinton will continue to unveil her broad economic and jobs plans. The infrastructure proposals are just the beginning. A video of today’s speech will be posted when/if available.

Later today, Clinton will speak at the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s Annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner. For all the latest, follow our Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: CBS Boston, Bloomberg