Clinton Outlines Manufacturing Plan

Clinton hold a roundtable discussion in Las Vegas on May 5, 2015
Clinton hold a roundtable discussion in Las Vegas on May 5, 2015

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign released her outline to boost the United States’ manufacturing sector and assist communities that once had a strong manufacturing economy. Her plan includes a series of tax credits for communities that have lost manufacturing jobs, expanding access to grants and capital for smaller startups and manufacturers, stricter regulations for companies, and added emphasis on training and education. In the plan, Clinton argues that manufacturing is key to our economy because it provides higher paying jobs and boosts innovation. Losing these jobs not only hurts the economy, but diminishes America’s status as the leader in advanced manufacturing. Details of the full plan are available on The Briefing and are outlined below.

  • Revitalize the hardest-hit manufacturing communities
    • Provide tax relief by introducing the “Manufacturing Renaissance Tax Credit”
    • Prevent hard hit areas from becoming worse
  • Create Incentives for companies to bring jobs back to the United States
    • Provide tax relief for research and innovation
    • End inversions and other tax loopholes that reward companies for shifting earnings overseas
    • Double support for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership
    • Expand access to capital for smaller manufacturers
  • Level the global playing field for American workers, businesses, and manufacturers and aggressively combat trade violations
    • Crack down on currency manipulation
    • Vigorously and consistently prosecute trade violations
    • Enter trade agreement that benefit American jobs
  • Strengthen long-term investment in America’s “industrial commons” through regional innovation, infrastructure, and R&D.
    • Build upon the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation
    • Prevent abuse of labor rights by supporting workers’ right to unionize and collectively bargain
    • Enhance links between university researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry
    • Insist on strong domestic sourcing requirements that make being “Made in the USA” a priority throughout investments in manufacturing and infrastructure
    • Provide more Americans with access to tools for innovative design, prototyping, and engineering projects
  • Support skills and training for America’s workforce
    • Encourage proven, high-quality training and apprenticeships
    • Provide a $1,500 tax credit for every apprentice hired through a bona fide apprenticeship program
    • Expand nationwide credentialing with strong industry input
    • Build on models that allow federal student aid to be used toward high-quality career and technical training programs with promising or proven records
    • Provide tuition-free community college, and reduce student debt by allowing students to refinance their loans

Tonight, Clinton is scheduled to attend a town hall in Salem, New Hampshire. For all the latest, follow our Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: Time, The Briefing