Lena Dunham and Abby Wambach Campaign for Hillary

Yesterday, two major stars joined the Hillary for America ranks in support of Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. Actress Lena Dunham and US Women’s Soccer star Abby Wambach spent Friday traveling around New Hampshire talking to voters and fans about Clinton and why they support her as our next president. They both spoke about issues that are important to them including women’s rights and LGBT issues. Wambach said, “I want to see Hillary Clinton in the office. She has amazing, amazing stamina. She’s smart and she has been basically doing it by herself as a woman alone among all other men for how many years. It’s time people. It’s time for women to be seen as real equals.”

Dunham and Wambach appeared together at an event in Portsmouth before they attended individual events in Manchester, Dover, Concord, Salem, Lebanon, and Keene. Wambach even took part in a phone bank call out campaign in Concord. Dunham concluded the day by attending an evening event in Chicago.

Today, Dunham was in Des Moines and Iowa City holding conversation events. Dunham and Wambach weren’t the only supporters on trail for Hillary this week. Former President Bill Clinton hosted a number of organizing events in New Hampshire and Iowa. He also attended a number of fundraisers. Today and tomorrow in Iowa, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe will meet with volunteers and supporters as they prepare to go out and knock on doors or make phone calls in support of Hillary.

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News Source: The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post