Bill, Chelsea, Albright, McCaskill, and McAuliffe Campaign for Hillary


Today, Hillary for America pulled off a multi-state campaign with a cast of supporters. In New Hampshire, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe traveled across the sate to meet with volunteers and supporters. While anyone was welcome at the events, he did not host any public rallies or events.

In Iowa, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Senator Claire McCaskill met with volunteers and encouraged voters to caucus for Hillary. At the same time, Chelsea Clinton attended two organizing events in Davenport and Iowa City. During the events, Chelsea highlighted her mom’s qualifications and plans, and how they differ from her Republican rivals. Attacking Republicans she said, “I don’t remember this kind of the racist, homophobic, jingoistic, sexist, misogynistic rhetoric that seems to have become normalized, and ever be given as much attention and being treated as if somehow serious.”

Bill Clinton was in Iowa as well. His events were in Council Bluffs and Fort Dodge. On his second day in the state, Bill continued with the theme from the day before touting his wife’s resume and the key differences between electing a Democratic president versus a Republican president. Bill also spoke about Hillary’s experience with reaching out and compromising with Republicans, something she did as First Lady and as a Senator. He wrapped up his speech in Council Bluffs saying, “I believe in all my heart that we can be a better country.”


The final event of the day was in Des Moines where both Bill and Chelsea spoke to the crowd. They spoke about similar topics and urged attendees to caucus for Hillary on February 1. A video from the joint appearance is available on C-SPAN. Videos from today’s events in Iowa and New Hampshire will be posted when/if available.

Hillary for America will likely continue to have a number of supporters appearing on Hillary’s behalf as we get closer to the primaries. Hillary is currently preparing for tomorrow night’s Democratic Debate in Charleston, South Carolina. For all the latest, follow our revamped Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: The Roanoke Times, WOWT, Iowa City Press-Citizen, KWWL, Waterloo Cedar Fall Courier