Clinton Attends New York Fundraisers and Iowa Events

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton began the day by attended fundraisers in New York City and a fundraiser in White Plains, New York. During the White Plains event, which also featured Congresswoman Nita Lowey, Clinton spoke about her plans to combat climate change, expand clean energy, expand health care, grow the economy, and continue to pressure Iran to ensure it sticks to the nuclear agreement.

Following her fundraisers, Clinton returned to Iowa where we are only three days from the caucus. She hosted two Get Out the Caucus events, one in Newton and second in Keokuk. In Newton, Clinton focused on education. She spoke about expanding early childhood education and making college education more affordable for everyone. She also covered a number of other platform topics including equal pay for women, updating the tax code to ensure the wealthy pay their fair share, and improving the Affordable Care Act. A video from her speech is below.

At the event in Keokuk, Clinton spoke about a number of platform points before opening the floor to questions. In typical town hall fashion, Clinton was asked a number of policy questions, but one man didn’t ask a question. He simply want to tell Clinton that she had convinced him to vote for her. He said, “I was going to vote for Donald Trump. But my daughter brought me here. She was really excited to come here and see you. And after hearing you talk — because all he does is give the exact same speech he gave when he started running for president — you actually have topics, solutions and all that stuff. And now I’m voting for you.” A video from the event in Keokuk will be added when/if available.

Tomorrow, Clinton will attend an event with Bill Clinton in Davenport, Iowa. For all the latest, follow our revamped Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: The Journal News, WHOTV, The Hawk Eye