Watch Now: New Hampshire Democratic Town Hall on CNN


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders participated in a live town hall event from New Hampshire. The town hall was hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and although they appeared separately, both candidates spent a great deal of time talking about each other. Sanders charged that Clinton was out of touch with the Democratic Party base on a number of issues including her ties to Wall Street and the Iraq War.

Clinton responded to his criticism saying, “So I’m not going to let that bother me. I know where I stand.” She framed herself as a progressive with ideas that are more practical than her opponent’s. Cooper and members of the audience asked Clinton questions on a wide range of policy issues. Clinton faces an uphill battle in New Hampshire. Sanders is from neighboring Vermont, and leads Clinton by double digits in recent polls. Clinton is hoping to close the gap. A video from Clinton’s portion of the town hall is below.

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News Source: CNN