Clinton Second to Sanders in New Hampshire

Despite being behind in the New Hampshire polls, Hillary Clinton focused her time and resources in the state hoping to close the gap between her and Senator Bernie Sanders. For the last several week, Clinton and her supporters have canvassed the state. Even today, both Hillary and Bill Clinton visited with voters as they waited in line to vote at polling places across the state. Hillary trailed in the polls by 30 points at one point, but it appears the margin of victory will be about 20 points for Senator Sanders. While the loss stings, she did manage to close the gap by about 10 points.

Clinton spoke to supporters in Manchester following the results of today’s primary. During the speech, she thanked her supporters and staff in New Hampshire and vowed to not give up. Instead, she vowed to fight harder. She said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down that matters, it’s whether you get back up.” Her speech was optimistic, and she looked forward to securing the Democratic nomination this summer A video of her speech is available on C-SPAN.

The next Democratic debate is scheduled for Thursday. The debate will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and will air on PBS. The next caucus will be held in Nevada on February 20. For all the latest, follow our revamped Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: Politico