Clinton, Sanders Draw Battle Lines in Debate


During last night’s Democratic Debate, which aired on PBS, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders critiqued each others policies, but did so in a fairly calm manner. While Clinton attacked Sanders during last week’s debate in New Hampshire, this week, Clinton went for a more diplomatic approach. She was calm and effective as she laid out her plans and how they differed from those of Sanders. Clinton worked tactfully to dismantle Sanders’ plans, including his plans to offer free college tuition. She pointed out a flaw in his plan saying, “Senator Sanders’s plan really rests on making sure that governors like Scott Walker contribute $23 billion on the first day to make college free. I am a little skeptical about your governor actually caring enough about higher education to make any kind of commitment like that.”

Sanders attacked Clinton’s ties to Wall Street and her campaigns use of PACs to finance portions of the campaign. But this is a critique that Sanders has leveled at every debate and many of his campaign stops. These criticisms of Clinton are center to his campaign, as are his plans for a single-payer health care system and free college tuition. Clinton subtly criticized his platform as being narrow, and during her closing statement, she said, “I am not a single-issue candidate, and I do not believe we live in a single-issue country.” A full video from the debate is below, and a transcript is available HERE.

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News Source: The New York Times