Bill Clinton Hosts Texas Events


On Monday, Bill Clinton attended two Get Out the Vote events as well as a fundraiser on behalf of Hillary Clinton in Texas. Clinton attended a fundraiser at the Laredo home of Congressman Henry Cuellar and Imelda Cuellar before speaking at the public event held on the campus of Texas A&M International University. Clinton spoke to the crowd of about 1,500 for about half an hour and spoke about a variety of issues including job creation, higher education, and immigration. Speaking about his wife, Clinton said, “Her social plans are more likely to bring us together so we can move together, instead of be afraid of one another. Her idea of political inclusive is more likely a) to protect your fundamental constitutional rights by making sure the president appoints people to the Supreme Court who will expand voting rights, not restrict them, who will expand civil liberties, not restrict them.” A video from Clinton’s speech is below.

Clinton then spoke at a Get Out the Vote event in Dallas. During his speech, he turned his focus away from Hillary’s Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, and went after Republican front-runner Donald Trump instead. Speaking to a crowd of 600 at Paul Quinn College, Clinton criticized Trump’s characterization of America no longer being great, and he criticized Trump’s immigration policy. Clinton said, “One of them wants to build a wall. Hillary says, ‘I want to build ladders of opportunity and tear down barriers so we can all be whole again.'” A video from the event will be added when/if available.

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News Source: WFAA, The Dallas Morning News