Clinton Campaigns in South Carolina


On Thursday, Hillary Clinton campaigned in South Carolina for the second day in a row. She began in Kingstree where the focus of her speech was on race and inequality. She also spoke about the importance of the election and current vacancy on the Supreme Court. Clinton criticized Senate Republicans for refusing to consider any nominee put forward by President Barack Obama. She vowed to continue the progress that President Obama has made over the last eight years saying, “I’m really proud to stand with President Obama, and I’m really proud to stand with the progress he’s made. I need your help, starting with this primary on Saturday.” A video from the event will be added when/if available.

In Florence, Clinton was introduced by Senator Cory Booker, who gave an energetic speech supporting Clinton and her platform. Speaking at the Cumberland United Methodist Church, Clinton outlined her plans to reign in gun violence and improve heath care. She said that the Affordable Care Act was a great achievement that she be built upon, not repealed or replaced. She said that her goal was for every American to be insured saying, “Imagine a tomorrow where 100 percent of us have healthcare, and it’s quality healthcare, affordable healthcare.” A video from the event is below.

In Myrtle Beach, Clinton spoke about her plans for improving higher education with a tiered tuition plan based on income. She also spoke about her plans to improve, not replace, the existing heath care system. Finally, she spoke about the importance of working together and the lack of bi-partisanship in Washington. Clinton said, “There’s a lot of work we have to do here at home There’s a lot of gridlock, a lot of partisanship, but you’ve got to build relationships and find common ground wherever it exists. We can disagree without being disagreeable, that’s how we build bridges.”

The final event of the day was a town hall held at the Royal Baptist Church in North Charleston. Speaking to a group of of predominately African-Americans, Clinton focused on her plans to reign in gun violence and police brutality. The event was set up as a town hall with State Sen. Marlon Kimpson asking questions. Members of the audience also asked a number of questions on a wide variety of topics, but the primary topic was gun violence. Videos from the events will be added when/if available.

In Rock Hill, Bill Clinton spoke to a group of voters about Hillary’s experience and her plans should she win the presidency in November. During the Get Out the Vote event, he said that she is the most most experienced candidate in the race and that as president, she will fight for everyone. A video from Clinton’s speech is below.

A number of fundraisers were held on Thursday on behalf of Hillary for America. The first was held in San Antonio, Texas at the home of Paul Boskind and Robby McMillin-Boskind. Attending the event was former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. The second fundraiser was held in London and featured former Senator Evan Bayh. The final fundraiser of the day was held at the Columbia, South Carolina home of Dr. Isabelle Mandell and Mary Minus. The featured speaker at the event was Senator Cory Booker.

Tomorrow, the focus will remain on South Carolina before Saturday’s primary. Clinton will be in Atlanta, Georgia for an event tomorrow as well. For all the latest, follow our revamped Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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