Hillary Clinton Announces Jobs Plan in Detroit


On Friday, Hillary Clinton gave a speech at an auto manufacturing plant in Detroit where she unveiled her jobs plan. Clinton’s proposed plan, dubbed the “New Bargain,” focuses on American works and rewards American companies who expand their domestic workforce. During her speech, she criticized Wall Street firms, spoke about the decline of labor unions, spoke out against Chinese trade practices, and bashed uneven executive pay. She said, “Companies have to start treating workers as assets to be invested in — not costs to be cut.”

In a speech that had a populist tone, Clinton focused on job creation and manufacturing in the United States. She covered a wide variety of topics including raising the minimum wage, taxing corporations that outsource jobs, and criticized “inversion” practices which allow corporations to merge with overseas corporations thus moving their headquarters and avoiding taxes.

During her speech, Clinton also spoke about the Republican debate, which took place in Detroit on Thursday night. She blasted Republicans for their anti-worker and pro-business policies. Clinton said that she was most offended by the lack of discussion of any material topics by the candidates, especially the economy. She speculated that they avoided the topic “because all of the Republican candidates support the same failing policies: cut taxes for the rich, get out of the way of corporations, don’t raise the minimum wage.” A video of Clinton’s speech is available on C-SPAN.

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News Source: Detroit Free Press, CNN, Time