Clinton Wins LA, Sanders Wins NE and KS

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Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary in the state of Louisiana by a wide margin over Bernie Sanders. She won 71.2% to his 23.1% Sanders meanwhile, won the caucuses in Kansas (67.7% to 32.3%) and Nebraska (56.6% to 43.4%). Results are not yet final in Nebraska or Louisiana, and we will finalize the post tomorrow.

This evening, Clinton spoke to Democrats and supporters in Detroit, Michigan. During her speech, she congratulated Sanders on his wins in Kansas and Nebraska, and she thanked the voters of Louisiana for their overwhelming support. For the remainder of her speech, Clinton focused her attention on the general election and defeating Republican front-runner Donald Trump. She also criticized the Republican controlled Senate for refusing to confirm President Barack Obama’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Although President Obama has yet to nominate someone for the court, Republicans have vowed to block a vote. A video of Clinton’s speech is available by CLICKING HERE.

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News Source: Politico