Bill, Chelsea Among Those Campaigning for Hillary Today


On Monday, a number of campaign events and fundraisers were held in support of Hillary Clinton. In North Carolina, Bill Clinton attended three organizing events in preparation for the state’s primary on March 15. Hosting events in Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte, Bill spoke about his wife’s experience and her career as a change maker. At each of the events, he spoke about a variety of topics including higher education, student debt, heath care, and the economy. He took shots at both the Republican presidential candidates and Hillary’s Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, though he did not mention any of them by name. He asked supports to vote for Hillary in the upcoming primary because “this is a big election.” Videos from the events in Raleigh and Charlotte are below.

Chelsea was in Michigan campaigning for her mother before tomorrow’s primary. Appearing at events in Detroit, East Lansing, and Grand Rapids, Chelsea spoke about her mother’s experience and plans to move the country forward. In Detroit, Chelsea attended a college affordability round table at Wayne State University. She spoke about Hillary’s plan to make college more affordable for those who cannot pay for tuition. She drew a distinction between Hillary’s plan and that of Sanders saying, “Families who have done well in our country should still continue to pay tuition for their students to go to college. For those who haven’t yet done well yet, for lower-class families, even middle-class families, their children should be able to go to public universities tuition-free. Everyone should be able to graduate debt-free.” Sanders’ plan calls for everyone to get free tuition, regardless of income level.


A number of other events took place across the world today in support of Hillary and Hillary for America. In London, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright attended two fundraisers which were attended by American citizens living abroad. Meanwhile, back in Michigan, Senior Policy Advisor Jake Sullivan attended a fundraiser in Birmingham. The final event of the day was a virtual fundraiser hosted by Former Under Secretary of State Bob Hormats. The topic of conversation for the virtual gathering was Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment.

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