Hillary Attends Events in Three States


On Thursday, Hillary Clinton campaigned in three different states. She began in Tampa, Florida where she spoke to a group of supporters at the Ritz Ybor. During the event, Clinton spoke about her plans as president, and she also criticized Florida Governor Rick Scott for turning down federal funds to develop a high speed rail system between Orlando and Tampa. She said, “It makes absolutely no sense, especially when we know that we’re going to have to do high-speed rail if we’re going to have a competitive economy.” A video from the event is below.

Clinton then traveled to Durham, North Carolina where she spoke to a crowd at Hillside High School. During her speech, she covered a wide variety of platform topics including voting rights, women’s rights, heath care, and jobs. She specifically spoke about investment opportunities in North Carolina saying, “That’s why I’m proposing more jobs with infrastructure, manufacturing, and let’s combat climate change with more clean, renewable energy jobs. And yes, let’s invest in more research right here in the Research Triangle. You know what that could mean!”

The final event of the day was held in Vernon Hills, Illinois. During the event, Clinton spoke about a number of her key platform points including clean energy, equal pay, LGBT rights, and gun control. During the event she took shots at her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders and the Republican presidential field, particularly Donald Trump. Directly referencing Trump’s campaign slogan, she said, “I listen to some of the other candidates, they are so pessimistic, so negative about us. I’ll tell you that’s not how I see us and our country. I don’t think you make America great by tearing down everything that made America great in the first place.” A video from the event will be posted when/if available.

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News Source: Chicago Tribune, Tampa Bay Times, WCNC