Hillary Clinton Speaks at the Ohio Democratic Party Legacy Dinner


Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton each spoke with Ohio Democrats at the Ohio Democratic Party Legacy Dinner. While Sanders gave a brief speech, Clinton took advantage of the opportunity to tell Ohio voters what a Clinton presidency would mean to them. She focused her speech on a number of Ohio events including the auto industry and Senate Bill 5, a law from 2011 would would have limited collective bargaining rights for unions. Clinton said, “When the chips were down, you did not let Gov. John Kasich drown out the voices of Ohio’s public servants. Now let’s stand up for all unions nationwide because when unions are strong, families are strong, the middle class is strong, and America is strong.”

Clinton also went after Republican front Donald Trump saying that he is not “who we are.” She went on saying, “Americans have rejected demagogues and fearmongers. You don’t make America great again by getting rid of everything that made America great in the first place.” Clinton also took a swipe at Sanders as well saying, “America is a big, complicated country facing big, complicated challenges. We can’t afford a single issue strategy or a single-issue president. Knocking down barriers means we can’t just talk about economic inequality, we also have to take on racial inequality.” A video of Clinton’s speech is below.

This morning, Clinton spoke to the congregation of Mount Zion Fellowship church in Highland Hills, Ohio. During her speech, she spoke about the importance of equality in the country and vowed to fight to break down barriers so everyone can take advantage of everything America has to offer. Clinton shared her favorite quote from former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt: “A woman is like a tea bag. You don’t know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.”

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News Source: The New York Times, Ohio Democrats