Clinton Addresses Counterterrorism During Stanford Speech


Today, Hillary Clinton gave a speech at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Her speech focused on counterterrorism following the recent attacks in Brussels, Belgium, and the other ISIS led attacks that have been carried out across the world and in the United States. Clinton said that a response to terrorism is not one that should be made in anger, but should be handled with “steady hands.” Clinton said that she is the best candidate for taking on ISIS. She called for “strong, smart, steady leadership” and said that she is concerned by what she is hearing from Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. She criticized Trump and Cruz for calling for racial profiling of Muslims in the United States and increasing surveillance of Muslim Americans. She condemned such plans as wrong, counterproductive, and dangerous. A full video of her speech is below.

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News Source: SFGate, Danbury News Times