Hillary Clinton Addresses Gun Violence in Wisconsin


Hillary Clinton was in Wisconsin her the second day of campaigning in the state. She began the day by taking part in a community event at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Milwaukee. The focus of the meeting was gun violence prevention. Clinton spoke about her plans to take on the gun lobby, including the NRA, and pass mandatory background checks for all firearm purchases. She said, “We lose, on average, 90 people a day from gun violence. That is 33,000 people a year.” Joining Clinton at the event were Congresswoman Gwen Moore and a group of parents who have lost children as a result of gun violence. A complete video of the event is below.

In LaCrosse, Clinton turned her focus to the economy and the ways she would work to improve the standard of living for everyone, not just those at the top. She spoke about her plan to create jobs and expand clean energy and expand heath care to ensure that 100% of Americans were covered. Speaking at Western Technical College, Clinton said, “We have to restore the potential of America’s dream for everybody. I don’t want Americans giving up on themselves.” A video of Clinton’s speech is below.

Her final event of the day was in Green Bay where she covered a number of platform topics including the expansion of heath care coverage, increasing the minimum wage, and making the economy work for everyone. She also spoke about her plans to make college more affordable and to reduce the student loan debt for those currently paying for their education. During her speech, Clinton also criticized Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for cutting education funding in the state and his anti-labor stance. She asked those in attendance for their support in the state’s primary on April 5.

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News Source: Fox 6, Winona Daily News, Green Bay Press-Gazette