Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary in WY, WI


On Monday, Bill Clinton campaigned on behalf of his wife in two states. First, Clinton spoke at a rally in Cheyenne, Wyoming where he talked about Wyoming’s place in the energy economy, especially coal and natural gas. Speaking about the future, he said, “In the end, we’re going to be phasing into a new energy future. It’s going to be a long time, and Wyoming has the most efficient and lowest sulfur (coal) in the world.” He spoke about Hillary’s experience and her plans to help communities that rely heavily on fossil fuel production. He asked supporters to support Hillary in Saturday’s primary. A video from the event will be added when/if available.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Clinton spoke to a crowd of supporters on the eve of the state’s primary. Speaking at the Turner Hall Ballroom, he spoke about a number of Hillary’s key platform points including reigning in higher education costs, ensuring equal pay for women, and raising the minimum wage (Hillary was in New York which signed a $15 minimum wage bill into law today). While polls indicate that Hillary trails Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, Bill said that he would not count out Wisconsin voters saying, “You have no choice, but to elect the person who’s got the best ideas, and who is the best person, with a record of leadership for change. That’s Hillary. We need Wisconsin. Go out and work for it. Thank you and God bless you.”

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News Source: Casper Star Tribune, Fox 6