Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Pennsylvania


On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton attended two organizing events in Pennsylvania ahead of their primary on April 26. Her first stop was in Philadelphia where she spoke at the AFL-CIO Convention. During her speech, she expressed her confidence that she would be the Democratic nominee for president and vowed to make labor and the economy a priority as president. She also criticized comments made by Republican front runner Donald Trump saying, “You’ve got other candidates talking about building walls and putting up barriers against each other, right? My campaign is about breaking down all the barriers holding working families back. My campaign is about building again those ladders of opportunity and empowerment so people can claim their own piece of the American dream.” A full video of her speech is below.

Clinton then spoke at an organizing event on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Clinton spoke to a crowd of about 2,000 people who crowded in the gymnasium and on the lawn outside to hear her speak, and she apologized for not speaking at a larger venue. During her speech, Clinton spoke about her plans to continue the progress of President Barack Obama’s administration by improving heath care, making higher education more affordable for those in school and those paying off school debt, and expanding clean energy. She criticized Republican policies and said that a real Democrat needed to continue the progressive movement. A full video of her speech is below.

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News Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Penn Live, The Morning Call, CBS Pittsburgh