Bill Clinton Campaigns in Harlem, Queens


On Sunday, Bill Clinton campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton in Harlem and Queens. He began in Harlem this morning where he attended Sunday services at three churches. The three churches that he spoke at were: Abyssinian Baptist Church, Antioch Baptist Church, and Mount Neboh Baptist Church. At each church, Bill was introduced by Rep. Charles Rangel, and she spoke about Hillary’s plans to increase minimum wage and opportunities for everyone across the country.

Bill then spoke at an organizing events at the New York Hall of Science in Queens and the John John Jay College in New York City. At both events, he spoke about Hillary’s plans to increase incomes and continue building on the economy so everyone can prosper. He also spoke about criminal justice reform and referenced the death of Eric Garner. Garner was selling cigarettes in New York City and died when he was put in a choke hold by police. Bill said, “I say that because they may not have intended to kill that man—they violated procedural rules with a chokehold with a very heavy guy. People do stuff like that when they’re scared, when they’re alienated, when they feel like there’s this vast divide—and we have to get rid of that.” Videos from today’s events will be added when/if available.

A number of fundraisers were held today on behalf of Hillary for America. In Washington, DC, Campaign Chair John Podesta attended an event that included Senior Policy Advisor Maya Harris. The event was hosted by Maddy Beckwith, Ezekiel Emanuel, Terry Lierman, Tony Podesta, Chris Putala, and Oscar Ramirez. A fundraiser was also held in Villanova, Pennsylvania. The event included a conversation with Valerie Plame and was hosted by Stella M. Tsai and Jannie K. Lau. The final event was a virtual conversation with Foreign Policy Advisor Laura Rosenberger for American citizens living in São Paulo, Brazil.

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News Source: New York Daily News, Newsday, Observer