Hillary Clinton Interviewed on CNN’s State of the Union

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On Sunday morning, an interview between CNN’s Jake Tapper and Hillary Clinton was aired during an episode of State of the Union. Clinton was asked about a number of topics including the upcoming New York primary, comments that her husband, Bill Clinton, made earlier in the week, and her battle with Senator Bernie Sanders. Clinton refused to say anything negative about Sanders saying that she would rather have him in the White House than Republicans Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

She also defended her plan to introduce a $12 federal minimum wage despite New York and California recently introducing $15 minimum wage laws. Clinton said, “There are a lot of places that are not well off around the country they’re required to have $7.25 wage to go from that to $12 is big leap. Now I want to encourage every place that can go to $15 the New York cities, Los Angeles, Seattle and California raised its minimum wage, but it also took into account different geographic areas with different economic circumstances.” A video of the full interview is below.

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News Source: CNN