Bill Campaigns in New York, Chelsea in DC


On Monday, all three Clintons, Hillary Bill, and Chelsea, attended events across New York and in Washington, DC. Bill was in New York City where he spoke with residents at the Hebrew Home for the Aging in the Bronx with Congressman Eliot Engel. During the event, Bill spoke about Hillary’s plans to expand elderly care and protect Social Security benefits. He said, “So many vulnerable people. We are all living longer now. It means that we have to make the most of our elder years. That’s another thing she’s really interested in.”

Bill then went to an organizing event in Brooklyn. Speaking at St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church, Clinton spoke about Hillary’s platform and her experience. He also spoke about Sanders’ campaign tactics and his recent interest in running as a Democrat (Sanders is an Independent Senator from Vermont). He said, “Sometimes in this primary I get the feeling that the gentleman who’s running against Hillary is running harder against President Obama and me than he is against the legacy of the Bush administration. You know, after he’s been a Democrat a little while longer he’ll get used to it. He’ll realize, you know, our party is the best hope we got.” A video from today’s speeches will be added when/if available.

Chelsea focused her attention on Washington, DC where she attended two area fundraisers. In addition, two others campaigned on behalf of Hillary for America today. Campaign Chair John Podesta attended a fundraiser in Washington, DC. In New York City, Economic Policy Advisor Mike Schmidt attended a local fundraiser as well.

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News Source: New York Daily News, Observer