Bill Clinton Campaigns in Flushing


On Tuesday, Bill Clinton was in New York City where he spoke at an organizing event in Flushing, Queens. Bill spoke about a variety of Hillary Clinton’s platform points including immigration reform, heath care, criminal justice reform, and supporting small businesses. On the topic of small businesses, he said, “New York City’s economy is diversifying … We doubled the number of small business loans to women and to minorities. That’s what Hillary wants to do again.” He then asked voters to support Hillary in New York’s upcoming primary, which will be held on April 19.

In the evening, Bill attended a gala hosted by Emily’s List. During the event, he spoke about Hillary’s plans and criticized the Republicans and their policies. He called out Donald Trumps proposals to ban Muslims from entering the country and building a wall that Mexico will pay for. He said that neither plan will work and it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Bill stressed the importance of working with Silicon Valley companies to fight terrorism because while it may be possible to keep people from crossing the border, “you cannot keep the social media out.” A video from today’s events will be added when/if available.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Clinton attended a fundraiser in Brooklyn, New York. A second fundraiser was held on behalf of Hillary for America in New York City. It was hosted by Entrepreneurs for Hillary and featured a conversation with the Kitchen co-founder Kimbal Musk. The event was hosted by Laetitia and Richard Garriott de Cayeux.

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News Source: Politicio, The New York Daily News