Hillary Clinton Unveils Environmental, Immigration Plan Details


On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton delivered two major speeches during which she outlined her plans for environmental action and her proposal to create a Department of Immigrant Affairs to help immigrants become American citizens. This morning, Clinton was endorsed by the New York State Immigrant Action Fund, and Clinton attended a round table event during which she discussed her plans for immigration reform. She criticized Republican Donald Trump for his anti-immigration rhetoric and vowed to help immigrants become American citizens. During her remarks, she proposed the introduction of a Department of Immigrant Affairs that would work at all levels of government to assist immigrants and refugees as they settle in the United States.

In the afternoon, Clinton spoke at the National Action Network Convention where she was introduced by Rev. Al Sharpton. Clinton introduced her plan for environmental and climate justice which is a small part of her larger Breaking Every Barrier agenda. The plan not only includes fighting climate change, but eliminating lead as a public health threat. The main points of the plan include:

  • Eliminating lead as a major public heath threat within five years
  • Protesting public heath and safety by modernizing drinking and wastewater systems
  • Prosecuting criminal and civil violations that expose communities to environmental harm and work with Congress to strengthen public health protections in our existing laws
  • Creating new economic opportunity through brownfield clean-up and redevelopment
  • Reducing urban air pollution by investing in clean power and transportation
  • Broadening the clean energy economy, build career opportunities, and combat energy poverty by expanding solar and energy efficiency in low-income communities and communities of color
  • Protecting communities from the impacts of climate change by investing in resilient infrastructure
  • Establishing an Environmental and Climate Justice Task Force to make environmental and climate justice, including cumulative impacts, an integral part of federal decision-making

A video of speech is below and a transcript can be read HERE. Full details of Clinton’s Environmental and Climate Justice plan can be read on The Briefing.

Clinton then spoke at an organizing event in the Bronx. During the event, she spoke about a variety of topics including working for New York as senator, improving education, building upon the progress made in heath care, and ensuring that all Americans have an opportunity to prosper. She took the time to point out the differences between her and her Republican rivals, especially front-runner Donald Trump. She said, “He wants to build walls; I want to build bridges.” Clinton went on to ask for everyone’s support during next week’s primary. A video from the event is below.

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