Chelsea, Bill Campaign for Hillary in New York


On Friday, Bill and Chelsea Clinton held a number of Get Out the Vote events in New York. Bill began with a rally in the Bronx where he spoke to a group of supporters. During the event, he criticized Republican Donald Trump for his plan to build a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico and his plan to ban Muslims from entering the country. Bill said that what the country needs is more acceptance, not intolerance. He said, “No one who walked through that door today was asked to check your faith at the door, check your race at the door, and check your politics at the door. Everywhere in the world people are working together for inclusive economic opportunities, inclusive social policies, which is a fancy way of saying we love our differences.”

Bill then spoke at a rally at The Garden at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. During the event, he spent time detailing a number of Hillary’s platform points including her plans to reduce student debt, expand clean energy, and rebuild the economy. He criticized Bernie Sanders for making it sound as though Wall Street is the central problem in the country when in fact it is more complicated than that. He said, “I think it’s fine that all these young students have been so enthusiastic for her opponent and say, ‘It’s all good, just shoot every third person on Wall Street and everything will be fine.'” He asked for voters support when New York holds its primary on April 19. Videos from today’s events will be posted when/if available.


Chelsea, meanwhile, had four events on her agenda. She attended events in Sands Point, Brooklyn, and New York City. During each of the events, Chelsea spoke with small groups of supporters touting her mother’s plans to improve heath care, enact stricter gun regulations, and keep America safe. She spoke about Hillary’s experience and how that sets her apart from the other candidates. Chelsea explained to each group how important the 2016 election is and asked them for their support in the upcoming New York primary.

In Hong Kong, a fundraiser was held for United States citizens currently living in the region. Chief Financial Officer Gary Gensler attended the event which was hosted by Young Joon Kim, Tony Miller, Robert Roche, Ruby Shang, Carolyn Wu, Wenchi Yu and James Zimmerman. The event was held at the home of Laura Howard.

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News Source: The Hill, US News & World Report, Newsday, The Journal News