Hillary Clinton Appears on ABC’s This Week, WABC’s Up Close

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On Sunday morning, Hillary Clinton appeared on ABC’s This Week. During the interview with host George Stephanopoulos, Clinton was asked about her thoughts on Republican Donand Trump and his new nickname for her, her continued battle against Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, and the continued call for her to release the transcripts from her Wall Street speeches. On that point she said, “You know, we have certain expectations when you run for president, one of which is release all of your tax returns ever since you’ve been in public life. Now all of a sudden, there’s a new standard. And I’ve said when it applies to everybody, you bet. I will meet that standard as well.” A video of the interview can be viewed at the news source below, and a transcript from the show is available HERE.

This morning, an interview with Clinton was also aired on a local New York show called “Up Close.” The interview, which aired on WABC, focused on Tuesday’s primary and Clinton called out Sanders for his negative turn in the campaign, something he said he would not do. She also spoke about his interview in the New York Daily News, an interview that has been regarded as one of his weakest. Sanders was unable to answer questions about what he would do to reform Wall Street and other policy points. Clinton took the opportunity to pounce saying, “He couldn’t answer basic questions. He just keeps diagnosing the problem.” Clinton told reporter Dave Evans that as president she will fight for America just as she fought for New York as Senator. A video of the full interview is available HERE.

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News Source: WABC, ABC News