Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary in Connecticut


On the eve of Tuesday’s primaries, Bill Clinton spoke at Get Out the Vote events in Connecticut. The first event was in Hartford where he was joined by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly. During his speech, Bill spoke about Hillary’s plans to continue improving health care, reducing the cost of education, and continue to grow the economy. Bill talked about the importance of all Americans rising together saying, “She understands that if we don’t tear down the barriers that are keeping some people from participating, including the educational barriers, we can’t all rise together.”

Bill and Giffords held a second Get Out the Vote event in New Haven. During his speech, Bill focused on the prevention of gun violence by introducing background checks. He also advocated for holding gun manufacturers responsible for acts carried out by their weapons. He said, “The organized groups on the other side recognize that representing the manufacturers try to terrify every legal gun owner to think they’re coming to get your guns, which of course constitutionally you can’t do.” He explained that the vast majority of gun owners support background checks, but the gun lobby constantly blocks it. Videos from today’s events will be posted when/if available.

Chelsea Clinton was also on the campaign trail where she attended two fundraisers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The events were hosted by Christina Weiss Lurie, Priscilla Sims Brown, Lisa Buckingham, and Lynn Shecter.

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News Source: KITV,