Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary in California


On Wednesday, Bill Clinton spoke at two organizing events in California. During his first event in San Diego, he spoke about Hillary Clinton’s plans for the future including health care, gun control, growing the economy, and creating new jobs. He said, “She’s got the best ideas to restore the middle class and restore upward mobility, both from poverty and working class into the middle class, and up. She’s got the best ideas to reduce inequality and increase investment in America.” He urged voters to come out and support Hillary on June 7, no matter the delegate lead she has over Democratic rival Bernie Sanders.

Later in the day, Clinton spoke to supporters in Koreatown in Los Angeles. He spoke about a number of Hillary’s platform points including gun control, the economy, and the jobs. Clinton spoke about their relationship with Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities and Hillary’s goal to bring people together and not divide people. He asked for voters support in the upcoming primary saying, “This is important for her, as well as for me, for our lifetime of work, for me to be here today and to look at your faces and to know that you have her back and you’re going to support her. We need you.” Videos from today’s events will be posted when/if available.

Several fundraisers were held today on behalf of Hillary for America. The first was an event at the home of Bob and Liz Pozen in Boston, Massachusetts. The evening featured a conversation with campaign chair John Podesta. The second event was held in New York City. It was hosted at the home of Paul Boskind and featured Emmy Award Winning Actors Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly and Executive Producer Barney Rosenzweig.

Tomorrow, Hillary will travel to California for a series of public events and fundraisers. For all the latest, follow our Scheduled Events page and follow Clinton on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

News Source: CBS Los Angeles, KPBS