Hillary Clinton Interviewed on Face The Nation

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This morning’s episode of CBS’s Face the Nation featured an interview with Hillary Clinton. Host John Dickerson filmed the interview with Clinton on Friday, and during their conversation, they discussed whether Democratic rival Bernie Sanders should drop out of the race and the current status of the FBI investigation into her email. The majority of their conversation was about Clinton’s strategy against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. Clinton called Trump a “loose cannon,” and she pointed out the number of high profile Republicans who have said that they cannot back Trump. She said, “The Republicans themselves are raising questions about their presumptive nominee. And I think that’s in large measure, John, because they do understand how hard the job of being president is. When you have former presidents, when you have high-ranking Republican officials in Congress raising questions about their nominee–I don’t think it’s personal, so much as rooted in their respect for the office and their deep concern about what kind of leader he would be.” A video of the full interview is below.

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News Source: CBS News