Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary in Puerto Rico


On Tuesday, Bill Clinton remained in the Caribbean and campaigned on behalf of Hillary Clinton in Puerto Rico. Clinton attended organizing events in Bayamón, Cayey, and Ponce. At each of the events, he spoke about a number of Hillary’s key platform points, but spent most of his speeches outlining what she would do to help Puerto Rico. He said, “She strongly supports the right of the people of Puerto Rico to vote for president of the United States and to be treated equally under our laws. She thinks it’s time to resolve the status question once and for all with no ambiguity.” Clinton said that Hillary supported expanding health care access to the territory, giving its citizens the right to vote for president of the United States, help with rising energy costs, and assisting the Puerto Rican government pay off its debts. Although Puerto Ricans are not eligible to vote in November, they will have the opportunity to vote in the Democratic primary on June 5.

A fundraiser was held today on behalf of Hillary for America in Israel. The event was held in Tel Aviv and was hosted by Tracey Friedlander, Ricki Lieberman, and Tally Zingher. The fundraiser included a conversation with Sarah Bard.

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News Source: Univision, NBC News