Bill Clinton Continues to Campaign for Hillary in California


On Sunday, Bill Clinton remained in California where he attended two events on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The first event was a United Farm Workers Convention in Bakersfield where he focused on the importance of the 2016 election. He said that people across the world are watching and look to the United States for leadership and allowing Donald Trump to spread hate and fear with have long reaching affects. He said, “We are now being looked at all over the world because these fears are present all over the world. Will we show the world a future of including diversity, shared prosperity, shared community and, yes, shared citizenship? Or will we say ‘Oh, it’s just too much. Never mind the facts, never mind the truth, never mind the human potential.'” A video of his speech is below.

Bill then traveled to Delano where he spoke at an organizing event. Speaking at Cesar Chavez High School, he continued to speak about the importance of 2016 election and why Hillary is the best candidate for the country. He spoke about a number of platform points and how the overall message of her campaign is unity and strength where Trump focuses on divisiveness and fear. He asked for voters’ support on June 7 saying, “If you want something done, you should elect Hillary for president of the United States. She’s the best single change-maker I’ve ever known.” A video from the event is below.

Two fundraisers were held on behalf Hillary for America. The first was in Oakland, California and included a conversation with Senior Policy Advisor Ann O’Leary. The event was hosted at the home of Colleen Chien. The second fundraising event was in Washington, Virginia. The event included a conversation with Governor Terry McAuliffe and was hosted by Laura Kennedy, Steph Ridder, Jane Whitfield, Salvatore Abbate, Heidi Lesinski, Anne Pallie, Thomas Pellikaan, and Kathy-Roth-Douquet. The event was held at the home of Beverly and John Fox Sullivan.

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News Source: The Fresno Bee, Bakersfield Californian